Scent of Auras Candle


This calming and balanced fragrance with notes of lemongrass, black currant and hints of patchouli and sugarcane make it the perfect compliment and companion to go with your “Sound of Auras” cd.

“Our songs, our conversations, and our actions will determine our frequency”.    Rickie Byars

Couple these things with your scented Aura Candle and prepare yourself for a magical experience! This custom design was created with, and for acclaimed and beloved singer-songwriter Rickie Byars. Rickie, along with the amazing Rashid Lanie have created a masterpiece of sound, “The Sound of Auras” to nurture your inward journey of meditation. For every scented Aura Candle you purchase, you will receive a QR code with your candle for a song/meditation off of this incredible cd. Supplies are limited! This 14oz iridescent vessel contains a candle in the scent of our top selling Spa Day and is topped with small crystals. It is covered with a lovely purple lid and hand-poured gold wax stamp. It will delight ALL of your senses!


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